Dalyellup Multipurpose Community and Youth Centre – DMCYC

Don’t miss your chance to get involved in the proposal for the new Dalyellup Multipurpose Community and Youth Centre!

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About the project:

In 2020 the Government of Western Australia provided stimulus funding to build the new Dalyellup Multipurpose Community and Youth Centre (DMCYC) as part of the WA Recovery Plan. The Shire of Capel submitted a business case envisioning that the proposed DMCYC would stimulate the local economy and community by:

  • the creation of a community hub focussed on youth
  • the creation of a technological and digital hub
  • improving community health (mental and physical) using quality infrastructure and open space
  • providing of a community events venue
  • providing employment opportunities through staffing for improved current and new services, start-ups and innovative media ventures and
  • developing an accessible space for heritage, culture, art, and recreation.

Key milestones achieved on project to date:

  1. Project Working Group established (December 2020)
  2. Project Working Group community representatives endorsed (February 2021)
  3. Project Working Group case study tour Perth (May 2021)
  4. Project Architect awarded (June 2021)
  5. Community consultation strategy developed (July and August 2021)
  6. Community consultation commenced (September 2021)

As the project begins its journey in preparation of preliminary concept designs, the Shire invites you to participate as a key stakeholder part of our broader engagement program. We know that by speaking with those working within Dalyellup’s community and youth spaces we will move closer to delivering a facility that meets the needs for the young people and broader community.