Development application | Lot 802 Tuart Drive Ludlow

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Lot 802 Tuart Drive Ludlow

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Development application for use not listed – Function Centre




J W Deale


Lot 802 Tuart Drive Ludlow

Proposal description:


The Shire has received an application seeking approval for the use of โ€˜Reception Centreโ€™ at the above lot.ย  The development involves the following:

  • A Main Reception Centre with sliding doors, glazed windows and doors with an airlock system.
  • The proposed Reception Centre will accommodate up to 200 guests with most functions hosted during October to April, with an annual limit of 35 events in total. Most functions will be held both during the day and evening and have between 80 and 120 guests.
  • Converted sea containers are to be used for toilets and drink serveries.
  • All buildings will be setback a minimum of 20m from lot boundaries.
  • Parking for up to 120 vehicles is included as part of the proposed development.
  • Landscaping on the north eastern boundary is proposed to act as a visual screen to the neighbours.
  • Fencing offset 5m from the northern boundary to prevent guest access to the neighbouring property.

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