PA166/2022 INDUSTRY EXTRACTIVE | Lot 43 (546) Plantation Road, Ludlow

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LOT 43 (546) Plantation Road Ludlow

About the proposal

Development application for an industry extractive and extractive industry licence.


PA 166/2022


Ludlow Holdings Pty Ltd


Lot 43 (546) Plantation Road Ludlow

Proposal Description:

The Shire has received an application for Development Approval for an Industry Extractive and Extractive Industry Licence at Lot 43 (546) Plantation Road, Ludlow.  Given the estimated cost of the development the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) will be determining the application.


The proposal is summarised as follows:


• Five year extraction period
• Total extraction of 117,682 tonnes
• Separation to maximum ground water level proposed 0.5m in lieu of 2m
• Setback variation of 20m in lieu of 40m to Plantation Road
• Setback variation of Nil in lieu of 50m to wetland
• Rehabilitation to pasture and native vegetation
• Screening of material on site
• Final batter slopes of 1:6
• New crossover proposed to Plantation Road for truck access
• 8 truck movements per hour
• Hours of operation 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 7am – 4pm Saturday. No operations on a Sunday or Public Holiday
• Truck route west along Plantation Road, Hutton Road to Bussell Highway

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