Development Application Nybo Road

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Lot 333 Nybo Road Gwindinup

About the proposal

Development application for an industry extractive and extractive industry licence.




Cotton Holdings Pty Ltd


Lot 333 Nybo Road Gwindinup

The development involves:

The Shire has received an application seeking approval for the use of Industry Extractive & EIL at the above lot.  The development involves the following:

  • Two (2) stages of extraction are proposed. Stages 1-4 have already been approved, the subject application relates to stages 5 and 6 only.
  • Stage five is proposed to include the extraction of 30,003.8m3 of gravel from 2ha.
  • Stage 6 is proposed to include the extraction of 29,115.3m3 of gravel from 1.94ha.
  • Access to the site is proposed to be taken from Nybo Road.
  • Five (5) truck movements in and out of the site per day are proposed.
  • Proposed hours of operation are 7am – 5pm on Monday – Friday. No operations are proposed on public holidays.
  • Excavation is proposed to extend no deeper than 1.5m below natural ground level.
  • Final batter gradients will be no greater than 1:6.
  • Clearing of 25 trees in a 0.19Ha area is proposed.
  • Crushing and Screening of gravel extracted from stages 5 and 6 will be undertaken on an already extracted area within stages 1- 4 on Lot 202 Nybo Road.

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