PA182/2022 Development application | Industry extractive & Extractive industry license

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Location 828
Yates Road Capel River

About the proposal

Development application for an industry extractive and extractive industry licence.




Carbone Bros


Location 828
Yates Road Capel River

The development involves:

The Shire has received an application seeking approval for the use of Industry Extractive & EIL at the above lot. The applicant has submitted the following proposal:


  • The previous development approval and EIL expired on the 8th of June 2021
  • Planning approval and licence is requested for three years so the following actions can be taken:


Remove an existing product stockpile that exists on the site.The stockpile has an estimated volume of 15,000m³.Extraction is complete and no further processing of the material will be undertaken on this site.

    • Loading and Removal of Product Stockpile:
      • Estimated annual gravel removal: 5,000 m³
      • Number of working days per month: 22 days
      • Vehicle payloads (GAV’s): Standard rigid truck (14 tonnes)
      • Single Semi-loader (24 tonnes)
      • Proportional use: 14 tonners (50%), 24 tonners (50%)
    • Average of three trucks entering and exiting the site per day. The maximum number of trucks entering and exiting the site per day is 25.
    • Access to the site is via an access road to the south of the site to Goodwood Road.
    • Operating times will be 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday; and 7.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon on Saturday, exclusive of public holidays.
    • Water Management will continue to be undertaken in accordance with the previously approved Water Management Plan approved in 2015/ 2016.
    • Dust management will continue to be undertaken in accordance with the previously approved Dust Management approved in 2015/ 2016.
    • Once works are completed, completion of rehabilitation of the area will be in accordance with the approved Rehabilitation Section of the July 2014 EMP and the commitments agreed to by Carbone Bros in the 2015/2016 Development approval and EIL.

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