The management team

Council is the governing body that appoints a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Chief executive office

Acting Chief Executive Officer | Robert Stewart

The CEO leads the administration and manages the day-to-day operations, executive functions of the local government and implements council policies and decisions. The CEO is responsible for the employment of all staff, community service delivery and delivering local government functions. This role is supported by the executive team of the director of infrastructure and development and director of community and corporate.


  • Chief executive office
  • Strategy and economy

Community and corporate

Acting Director | Samantha Chamberlain

Samantha manages a range of functions across the organisation including finance, information technology, customer service, records management, governance, human resources, community development, events and libraries.


  • Human resources
  • Executive services
  • Finance
  • Community services
  • Customer and business services

Infrastructure and development

Acting Director | Kristin McKechie

Kristin manages a diverse portfolio with responsibility for the infrastructure and development functions of the organisation including planning, building, health,  waste management, asset management, parks, gardens and reserves, engineering, strategic projects, ranger services and emergency management.


  • Technical services
  • Operations and waste
  • Building services
  • Planning
  • Rangers
  • Emergency Services

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