Australian citizenship symbolises our unity as a nation.  It represents commitment to Australia and its people, the values we share and our common future.  It also symbolises the sense of belonging to the country where we have been born or where we have decided to make our home.

Persons wishing to become Australian citizens are able to obtain an application form and information brochure from any Australia Post Office.

The application form should be completed and posted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Locked Bag No 7, Northbridge  WA  6865.

Further information is available online or by phoning the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Citizenship ceremonies are held in Shire community centres during the year and in the Council Chambers. Consideration may be given to a private citizenship ceremony being held in a place of your choice, in special circumstances.

Funding and grants

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