2023 Meeting Dates

Ordinary Council meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of each month (except for December).

Ordinary Council meetings commence at 6pm in council chambers and are live streamed to YouTube.

Wednesday 25 January

Wednesday 22 February

Wednesday 29 March

Wednesday 26 April

Wednesday 31 May

Wednesday 28 June

Wednesday 26 July

Wednesday 30 August

Wednesday 27 September

Wednesday 25 October

Wednesday 29 November


Community members are welcome to attend Council meetings and no bookings are required to attend.

If you wish to ‘Ask a question’ or take part in the meeting, please see the process below.

Ask a question

Here’s how you can get involved at a council meeting…

1. Complete the form
You can ask two questions – just fill out the below form before 12noon the day before the meeting. This is so we can fact check and provide the best possible answer.

2. Attend the meeting
You’ll need to attend the meeting and ask your question. You’ll have two minutes. If there’s extra time, the presiding member may allow for extra questions.

3. Catch up on the meeting
We’ll print your questions, name, locality and our answer in the next meeting agenda.

Your question

    Take part in a meeting


    A petition is a formal written request made by electors of the Shire of Capel for a change of action. Any person or group wishing to lodge a petition with Council are required to submit it on the prescribed Petition form below.

    Detailed information about petitions is provided on the Petition form.


    Any member of the public may during the Presentations segment of the ordinary meeting, with the consent of the Presiding Member, speak on any matter on the agenda paper provided that

    • the person has requested the right to do so in writing addressed to the CEO by noon on the day of the meeting
    • the person’s speaking right is to be exercised before Council debates the particular agenda paper item
    • the person speaking will be limited to a maximum of five (5) minutes
    • persons addressing Council on an agenda item are not entitled to table documents as part of the meeting proceedings

    Request to present 


    A person or person wishing to be received as a deputation by the Council or a Committee is to apply, in writing, to the CEO, not less than seven (7) working days prior to the meeting at which the deputation wishes to be received, setting out in concise terms the matter to be raised. The CEO, is to forward the written request to the President, or the presiding member as the case may be.

    A deputation is not to exceed three persons, only two of which are at liberty to address the Council, for a maximum of five (5) minutes each or a collective maximum of ten (10) minutes, except in reply to questions from Councillors. The matter shall not be further considered by the Council, until all other business of the meeting has been finalised.

    Request a Deputation